Downy Logo

Downy Logo

The logo of the fabric softener Downy (Lenor) has been modified at least five times since 1960.

Meaning and history

Downy Logo history


Downy Logo-1960

The original Downy logo was black and featured a pretty heavy and generic type. The initial, the “D,” was uppercased, while all the other letters were lowercase.


Downy Logo-1973

The letters grew somewhat more rounded.


Downy Logo-1995

The generic type was replaced by a more unusual one. It had a laid-back, carefree style.

Logo Downy


Downy Logo-2000

The slight upward angle, which was already present in the previous design, grew a little more obvious.


Downy Logo-2006

The lettering adopted the horizontal position.


Downy Logo

The color grew darker, and a swirl emblem appeared above the wordmark.