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Monin is a premier manufacturer of flavored syrups used in coffees and cocktails. Founded more than 100 years ago in France, it is family-owned and operated for three generations.

Meaning and history

Monin logo

The Monin logo is a wordmark executed in strict DIN bold font, created by Dunn & Co Tampa and London based bureau.

The majority of Monin marketing materials are designed using photographic backgrounds, so the color-scheme is primarily applied to font colors. The font color palette for Monin consists of simple natural tones – dark brown (Pantone 449C) and light tan (Pantone 7499C) in the main color system, and light green, medium tan, light brown and gray in the secondary color system.

The design on the labels has changed slightly over the years, but the flavor names have consistently been set in Poetica by Robert Slimbach, with a choice of some of the swash alternates that come with this typeface.

On the Monin website a colorful drop is added above the letter i in MONIN, showing the variety of syrup flavors the company produces.