Mississippi State Bulldogs Logo

Mississippi State Bulldogs Logo

Mississippi State University in Starkville, Mississippi, has a distinctive athletic logo based on the letter “M.”

Meaning and history

Mississippi State Bulldogs Logo history

When in 1986 the new Mississippi State Bulldogs logo was unveiled, it became obvious that the design team decided not to make any reference to the Bulldogs nickname in it. Instead, they decided to stick to a typographic logo. The same has been true for each of the athletic crests introduced by the university ever since.

Both the 1986 logo and the version that followed in 1996 featured the interlocking letters “M,” “S,” and “U” in maroon and white. The shape of the glyphs was somewhat different, though.

In 2004, the university adopted a logo based on a large slab serif “M.” In front of it, a white banner featuring the word “State” could be seen. Eventually, in 2009, the current version was introduced. Although it looked very similar to the previous Mississippi State Bulldogs logo, you could see a couple of notable alterations.

Mississippi State Bulldogs basketball

Mississippi State Bulldogs basketball logo

The women’s team has been the NCAA Tournament Runner-ups in 2017 and 2018. They have played in the NCAA Tournament 11 times.

The men’s basketball team of Marquette University reached the NCAA Tournament Final Four in 1996. The number of appearances in the NCAA Tournament has reached 11 (as of 2019).