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MinuteClinic is a brand of a medical service retailer, created in 200 by CVS Health. It was the first company of our type in America and today had over a thousand locations across the country.

Meaning and history

MinuteClinic Logo history

2000 – 2003

MinuteClinic Logo 2000

The 2000 logo depicts the firm’s name written in turquoise lowercase letters, in addition to an emblem in the left top corner. This emblem is a combination of the blue healthcare symbol (the cross) and the number ‘1’ colored in red (referencing their ‘1-minute’ service).

2003 – 2014

MinuteClinic Logo 2003
The later logo is instead just the name, written in red lowercase letters in more-or-less the same style as the previous one. They are bigger and wider, but otherwise very similar.

2014 – Today

MinuteClinic Logo

The MinuteClinic visual identity is based on the logo of its main company, CVS Health. The wordmark is complemented by the iconic emblem on its left.

The MinuteClinic nameplate in all the lowercase lettering is executed in a simple sans-serif typeface, which is Helvetica. The inscription looks neat and tidy, yet modern and strong at the same time, due to the use of a scarlet red color.

The famous CVS emblem, the main element of the MinuteClinic visual identity, is a stylized image of a heart, with straight lines yet rounded angles. It looks contemporary and confident, showing the company’s progressive approach and power.

The red color palette of the MinuteClinic logo is a reflection of passion and love, with which it treats its clients. Red also evokes a sense of strength and authority, which are two important qualities of one of the healthcare segment leaders.

The MinuteClinic logo is minimalist, yet stylish and modern. It is instantly recognizable and represents the company as a forward-looking and innovative.