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Contex is a brand of condoms that was established in 1998 and became extremely popular in Russia and Ukraine due to the wide range of products available. The brand has its manufacturing facilities in Thailand, which allows us to successfully cover both Eastern European and Asian markets.

Meaning and history

The first condoms appeared in 1855, they were made of rubber, had two seams and were reusable. Another interesting fact about condoms from the 19th century is that they were made-to-measure. The latex condoms appeared on the market only in the first half of the twentieth century and by the end of it, many new brands were established. Contex was one of them.

Created in 1998, the brand became one of the most popular Condom labels in Russia, due to the wide range of products and affordable prices.

The brand’s visual identity is based on a bold powerful logo, which is executed in a calm yet confident color palette, and bright and colorful backgrounds of the packaging of the product, which varies depending on the type of the product.

Logo Contex

The emblem is composed of a parallelogram with its angles rounded, and the sides inclined to the right. The figure is white and features a thick blue outline, in which the logotype is enclosed.

The company’s product packaging uses one style, but different background colors and images, according to the type of the product. The Contex Classic pack is executed in a blue and purple color palette, with a flashlight sign on it, while the Contex Light is yellow and blue and features an image of the feather, as for Contex Extra Sensation line, it had a white silk pattern on the background and pearl in the shell as a symbol.


The wordmark is executed in a custom typeface, which is more likely based on the sans-serif Kommon Grotesk Extended Bold Italic font, which boasts bold neat lines, that are confident and strong. The unique detail of the Contex logotype includes elongated horizontal bars of the letters “C” and “T”, which connect to each other above the “N” and form kind of a flash-light sign. It is a strong and eye-catching inscription, which is solid and sharp.

Contex Logo


The Contex brand is owned by AVK Polypharm INV with its production facilities in Thailand at one of the world’s largest factories — SURETEX LTD. There is also a back-up plant in Korea, which is used by the company. Contex produces over one billion condoms annually. All the products are packaged in Russia.

Contex condoms have a diverse design. The brand produces classic condoms, contoured products of anatomical shape and texture with all kinds of pimples and roughnesses. A wide range of colors from classic transparent to black and glowing ones, there is also a variety of sizes and thickness of the products, to satisfy all the possible needs. Today the label has more than twenty types of condoms in its portfolio.

Contex products are made from natural latex of the highest quality, their durability and reliability are electronically tested. Thin and elastic, condoms allow you to keep the sensations natural. The catalog contains several types of products: super durable, super thin, sensitive, ribbed, with a point surface, flavored, etc. Condoms are sold in packages of 3 or 12 pieces.