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MINE Mobility is an innovative project focused on electric vehicle development, primarily in Thailand. It’s spearheaded by MINE Mobility Research Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Energy Absolute Public Company Limited (EA), a significant player in Thailand’s energy sector. This initiative aims to create electric vehicles tailored to the Thai market, focusing on sustainability and environmental friendliness. The company leverages local expertise and technologies, including advanced computer-aided engineering and wind tunnel testing, to enhance the design and performance of their electric vehicles. The goal is to offer a range of electric vehicles that cater to various needs while promoting cleaner, more efficient transportation solutions in Thailand.

Meaning and history

MINE Mobility, a subsidiary of Energy Absolute Public Company Limited (EA), is a pioneering electric vehicle manufacturer in Thailand. This venture, established to develop electric vehicles specifically for the Thai market, marks a significant step in the country’s move towards sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation solutions. With a focus on leveraging local expertise and technology, MINEmobility has collaborated with various research groups, including those in material processing, engineering design, and environmental studies, to enhance the design and performance of its electric vehicles. Utilizing advanced computer technology and state-of-the-art testing facilities like wind tunnels, the company aims to offer a range of electric vehicles that cater to different needs, emphasizing efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

What is MINE Mobility?
MINE Mobility stands as a pioneering arm of Energy Absolute Public Company Limited, crafting a path for Thailand’s electric vehicle landscape. With innovation and sustainability at its core, MINE Mobility harnesses Thailand’s own industrial ingenuity and cutting-edge technology to forge eco-friendly transportation options tailored for its home terrain. This venture plays a key role in Thailand’s ambitious agenda to shift towards greener, more sustainable transport solutions, aligning with the country’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and fostering a cleaner future.


MINEmobility logo

The logo presents a sleek and modern aesthetic with a stylized rendition of the word “MINE” in uppercase letters, showcasing a dynamic sense of movement through the use of sharp angles and a bold font. Below, “MOBILITY” is written in a simple, clean typeface, emphasizing functionality and straightforwardness. The graphic elements above the text resemble speed and precision, possibly alluding to the efficiency and futuristic approach of the company in the electric vehicle industry. The color palette is monochromatic, suggesting sophistication and a high-tech vibe.

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