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The American multi-level marketing company AdvoCare sells a variety of dietary supplement products. The design of the company logo, with the swoosh elements and “Champion” tagline, emphasizes the quality of its products and reminds that they have been endorsed by renowned sportsmen.

Meaning and history

Advocare Logo history

AdvoCare International, L.P. was established in 1993. Its name stands for “Advocates Who Care.” Its founder was Charles Ragus, who used to play defensive end for the professional football team Kansas City Chiefs before starting work as MLM distributor.

Today, AdvoCare boasts a network of around 625,000 distributors and several lines of dietary supplements.

1993 – 200?

Advocare Logo 1993
The first Advocare logo is a capital red ‘A’ with a thin blue line instead of the usual middle bar. It stands in the middle of a blue oval with white space inside. Beneath, they wrote the company’s name in blue, as well as the red motto: ‘we build champions’ – both in the same shades of red and blue.

200? – Today

Advocare LogoA bold capital “A” in white or blue takes center stage on the current emblem. There’s a dynamic swoosh design above and below the letter. The swoosh looks slightly like a rounded version of Nike’s one.


While the full AdvoCare logo appears with the tagline “We build champions,” it can also be used without the text, according to the official brand guidelines. Moreover, the text part of the emblem (i.e., without the swoosh “A”) is often used as a standalone logo.

To justify the right to use such a tagline, the company has been pretty active in contracting celebrity endorsers and sponsoring professional sports. One of AdvoCare’s most popular spokesmen has been New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

It has partnered with Major League Soccer team FC Dallas, the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, several NASCAR racing teams, and more. Sponsorship and endorsements have helped the company to establish a positive image for its products, which is emphasized by the “Champion” slogan.


pink advocare logo

The type used for the word “AdvoCare” looks exactly like Serpentine (presumably in the Pro Medium Oblique weight), which is a contemporary serif type designed in 1972 by Dick Jensen and published by Linotype.

However, there’s more than one font featured on the AdvoCare logo. While, at first glance, the type used for the tagline “We build champions” may resemble Serpentine, in fact, it’s a different font. The difference can be clearly seen, for instance, in the way the top of the “A” is designed.


The primary color is solid blue, which goes under the code 2748 in the Pantone Color Matching System. The blue is paired with white in a variety of ways, depending on the background. In case blue can’t be used, a black-and-white version is possible. The official logo guidelines also mention a combination of white and grey (PMS Cool Gray 6C) among available color choices.

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