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Metro is as American trade magazine distributed in public transport. Was first published in the USA in 1904 and took its current name in 1975. The magazine became monthly in 1912.

Meaning and history

Metro Logo

First published in 1904 as Electric Traction Weekly, the magazine became a monthly in 1912 and changed its name to the Electric Traction and Bus Journal in 1932. That name was replaced by Mass Transportation in 1935. In 1961 it was changed to Metropolitan Transportation and in 1965 to simply Metropolitan. And finally in 1975 the magazine got its current name — Metro.

The Metro logo is an all-caps wordmark with enlarged central letter T. It uses the monochrome color palette for all the brand’s branches (Metro magazine, Metro style and Metro channel). The only difference is in forms – the magazine’s icon is a white square with rounded corners and a wordmark in black, while the subdivisions use the wordmark in a circle frame with a dot and the branches name in a more bolder font.