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Universal is one of the most famous film studios, which was established in 1913 in the United States. Today the company has three main locations, where dozens of movies are being made annually. Being the oldest studios of the USA, Universal hasn’t lost its reputation and popularity by today.

Meaning and history

Universal Logo history

The visual identity of the world’s famous filming studio has always been consistent. Though there were more than ten redesigns made to its logo throughout the company’s history, all the versions were based on the same idea and featured a monochrome color palette, with the globe as the main graphical element.

The very first logo was designed in 1912 and featured a globe with a thick orbit around it. The “Universal Films” inscription in a candy serif typeface was placed on the upper part of the globe and featured a solid black color.

Later, in 1914 the only logo without the globe was used by the company. Even though there was no planet on the logo, the framing of the nameplate featured a big circle in the middle, which stood for the globe.

Starting in 1919 the visual identity has always had a planet and lettering in it. In various combinations, with the nameplate around the globe, on it, or overlapping it, the Universal Pictures logo could be easily recognized after each new redesign.

Universal Logo

The new era for the visual identity design started in 1990 when the wordmark was shortened to just “Universal” lettering in all capitals. It all began with a pretty ornate globe image and bold enlarged lettering in black. Later, in 1997, the image was simplified and all the extra details were removed.

The current version of the Universal logo was designed in 2012. It boasts a minimalist and sleek globe drawing in black and white, with the “Universal” nameplate slightly arched.

The wordmark is executed in a bold traditional sans-serif typeface, which reflects confidence and professionalism, while the arched placement adds playfulness and shows the unique character of the company, pointing on its creativity and value of style.