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Metamucil is a fiber laxative medicine produced by Procter&Gamble since 1985. The drug, invented in 1934, aims to prevent and fight constipation, as well as decrease the levels of the bad cholesterol.

Meaning and history

Metamucil Logo history
The Metamucil logo is bright and memorable. It is composed of a rounded emblem with a wordmark on it.

The circle in bright yellow features a thick purple outline and a wide stripe of orange crossing it in the middle. The nameplate is placed on the orange part of it.

Built on two levels and executed in two different styles, the Metamucil inscription is the central element of the brand’s logo. The “Meta” is large letters that use a bold cursive typeface with a purple outline, while the “Mucil” in all capitals is written in a simple and strict sans-serif without any color details.

The upper part of the Metamucil emblem contains a purple tagline of the brand “Make a Change”. The small purple inscription is separated by a geometric symbol, consisting of two triangles, with a spike in the middle.

The Metamucil logo is bright and friendly. Yellow and orange colors of the background create a happy and playful feel, while the purple framing adds a sense of stability and expertise.

The circular shape of the emblem represents the brand as the one with the values of quality and loyalty to its customers.

Before 2004

Metamucil Logo 2000

2004 – 2013

Metamucil Logo 2004

2013 – 2014

Metamucil Logo 2013

2014 – 2018

Metamucil Logo 2014

2018 – Today

Metamucil logo

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