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The word “Similac” is made up of the phrase “similar to lactation.” The logo develops this theme using the imagery that can be connected to the infant theme in various ways.

Meaning and history

In 1903, the Moores and Ross Milk Company was established. Two decades later, the company introduced the first commercial milk-based baby formula and named it Similac. The product was created by Alfred Bosworth of Tufts University and sold by Abbott Laboratories.

The current Similac logo featured on the products includes the name of the brand in dark blue over the white background. The white patch forms an abstract shape that can be interpreted in a number of ways (the heart, the fetus in the womb, woman’s breast as seen from above).

The website showcases only the wordmark. Here, the lettering is white on the light blue background.

Similac Logo


The letters combine gently rounded corners with slightly sharper details. While the glyphs are refined and seem to be the result of careful and artistic work, they also look natural, like the natural beauty of water drops or the human body.

The letters “i” resemble babies – the dots are the heads, while the top serifs can be interpreted as the babies’ hands spread towards the adult in a universal gesture kids use when they want to be hugged. The lower ends of the “i’s,” “m,” and “l” on the Similac logo form a kind of a rhythmical pattern.

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