Mattel Logo

Mattel logo

Mattel is the name of a toy manufacturing company, which was established in 1945 in the United States. The company, named after its two founders, owns several toy brands and is considered to be one of the world’s leaders of its segment.

Meaning and history

Mattel Logo history

Mattel is a company, that values its roots and heritage. The brand’s visual identity is still based on the original company’s logo, created in the 1949s.

The very first Mattel logo was composed of a circular emblem with the triangular cut pattern of tits edges. The lettering, “Mattel, Inc. Toymakers” in all capitals were placed around its perimeter, from the inside. The central part of the emblem was given to a letter “M” with a little prince figure above it.

The gray and white color palette of the original Mattel logo was a reflection of the traditional approach and value of quality. It was a delicate and timeless logo, which is very precious to the company.

The current Mattel logo is based on the shape of the original one. Though the color palette was dramatically changed. The scarlet red circle with the diagonally placed white wordmark is now the symbol of a famous toy brand.

The Mattel inscription in all capitals is executed in a strict sans-serif typeface. Its white letters are perfectly balanced in terms of size and spaces and the diagonal placement of the wordmark adds playfulness and energy to the emblem.

Mattel logo

The bright and full of energy Mattel logo represents a powerful company, which values its legacy and history. It is a timeless example of a visual identity design — bold, brave, yet minimalist.