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Emerson Radio Corporation is one of the major volume consumer electronics distributors in the United States. Also, it is very proud of its brand – the company has had a recognized trademark in continuous use since 1912. Emerson Radio creates and sells various product lines in different corners of the globe.

Meaning and history

Emerson Logo history

The company was incorporated in 1915 under the name of Emerson Phonograph Co. Five years later, it opened its first factories in Chicago and Boston.

1973 – 2004

Emerson Logo-1973

The overall structure of the Emerson logo has remained unchanged for the last half a century. If you take a look at the previous logo, you will see it still features a musical note and the wordmark, like the current one. Yet, the typography and the shape of the note are different.

On the old emblem, the note is oriented vertically. It is placed inside a white circle. In its turn, the circle is placed inside a black square. Also, in the center of the music note, there is a black circle inside a white circle, which, in its turn, is encircled by a ring. This element brings to mind the old radios and, therefore, creates the link with the name of the company and the industry in which it works.

The typography looks elegant and dynamic. The letters imitate cursive handwriting, although they don’t have links between them. The strokes have varying widths, like in classic calligraphy. Also, the ends of some of the letters (the “r,” the “s,” and the “n,” for instance) have decorative dots. The dots seem to have been formed by the ink that gathered there when the ink pen stopped.

However, on the whole, the type looks generic, except maybe for the “E” with its elongated top bar.

2005 – Today

Emerson Logo

The updated Emerson Radio logo looks more dynamic and unique.

The note has been tilted, which added some motion. The combination of circles and rings in its middle resembles an old gramophone record. In this way, the company hints at its long history (in addition to the “music” message, which has come from the previous emblem).

The motion effect also comes from the italicized type. The wordmark has been redrawn from scratch, and now has a more streamlined style. The letters are now formed by the glyphs of equal width, and there are no more decorative dots at the ends. Interestingly, some of the glyphs on the Emerson logo still stand apart, like in the previous version, while other glyphs have been connected (the “e” and “m” and the “e” and “r”). This approach adds an individual touch.