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Rapala is a Finnish company, specialized in fishing equipment and accessories manufacturing. The brand was established in 1936 and today is the world’s leading company in its segment. The brand’s products are distributed in almost 150 counties across the globe.

Meaning and history

The Rapala text-based logo is minimalist yet remarkable due to its bright brave color and bold font.

The Rapala wordmark is executed in an extra-bold sans-serif typeface, where all the consonants are capitalized and all the vowels a written in the lowercase.

The first “R” of the inscription is enlarged and has its tail curved, which adds individuality and playfulness to the company’s logo.

Rapala Logo

The traditional and powerful red white and black color palette of the Rapala logo is a reflection of a powerful and progressive brand, which is stable and reputable. Red also symbolizes energy and constant progress, which are the main characteristics of the company.

The Rapala logotype looks good and recognizable on any placement, due to the right choice of typeface and color scheme. It is modern and vivid, a perfect representation of a strong brand.