Marquette Golden Eagles Logo

Marquette Golden Eagles Logo

Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, sponsors 14 varsity teams, including both men’s and women’s teams.

Meaning and history

Marquette Golden Eagles logo history

The side view of a warrior was the centerpiece of the Marquette Golden Eagles logo developed in 1971. The warrior was given in dark blue and a very dark shade of gold. He was wearing a helmet and had the words “Marquette Warriors” (the old name of the team) arched around him.

When the team was renamed Golden Eagles, the need for a new emblem emerged. The 1994 logo features an eagle in flight. The position of the wings implies he is ready to attack.

Eventually, in 2005, the team decided to make its emblem primarily typographic. The eagle disappeared from the Marquette Golden Eagles logo. Now, you could only see the large interlocking letters “M” and “U” with the word “Marquette” arched on the forefront.

Marquette Golden Eagles softball

Marquette Golden Eagles softball logo

The university’s softball team has appeared in three NCAA Tournaments. They earned the title of the winners of the Big East Conference Regular Season in 2011 and 2013.

Marquette Golden Eagles basketball

Marquette Golden Eagles basketball logo

The men’s basketball team of Marquette University was the NCAA Tournament Champions in 1977 and the NCAA Tournament Runner-up in 1974. The number of appearances in the NCAA Tournament is over 30.