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Marella is an Italian luxury fashion brand, which was established in 1988. The brand is a part of Max Mara Group and specializes in high-quality women’s clothing and accessories. Today the brand has its stores all over the globe and is known for its feminine and glamorous style.

Meaning and history

Marella Logo history

The text-based Marella visual identity is a perfect example of the luxury fashion brand logo design. The Marella logo always consisted of a single wordmark, executed in a monochrome color palette, but after the latest company’s redesign, it became stronger and fancier.

The brand’s icon is a black letter “M” with its two pointed pearls placed inside a white square. It looks strong and recognizable, reflecting a powerful brand with values of design and quality.

1988 – 2016

Marella Logo 1988

The original Marella logotype in all capitals was executed in a sleek serif typeface which is similar to the Didot font family. It looked elegant and timeless, but the brand wanted to show their new approach to fashion and created a new visual identity, a second wind.

2016 – now

Marella logo

The current Marella logo is composed of a black wordmark in all capitals, which is executed in a modern sans-serif typeface with pointed angles and distinct straight lines. The inscription is placed on a white background and looks contemporary and sharp.

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