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Mansory is a German company, which specializes in redesign and modification of high-end vehicles. The business was established in 1989 and since then it has been working with such huge luxury brands as Ferrari and RR.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of Mansory is timeless — its simple logotype with delicate graphical elements and a monochrome color palette will always be actual. The logo, composed of a wordmark “framed” into stylized wings looks timeless and luxurious, just like the tuning the company provides.

The Mansory wordmark has is written in all capitals with its first and last letters enlarged. The classy serif typeface with thin lines and serif is very close to well-known Nimbus and Times New Roman fonts, the most iconic serif ones.

Mansory Logo

The stylized wings, placed on the left and right from the lettering, are composed of just four parallel horizontal lines, featuring different lengths. This simplicity makes the whole logo more airy and light, balancing the letter lines and adding more chic.

The logo is executed in black and white, but when placed on the cars, the brand chooses traditional silver metal “M” with the same “Wings”, enclosed in a black circular badge with a silver outline. The “Mansory” wordmark is placed above the “M” along the framing perimeter.

This winged “M” became synonymous with the high quality and latest design trends in the automobile industry world.

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