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Manitowoc is an American manufacturer of professional lifting solutions for builders and engineers. The company was established in 1902 and today has also a sub-division, which produces commercial refrigerators.

Meaning and history

Manitowoc Logo history

Before 1999

Manitowoc Logo Before 1999

The pre-1999 design depicts an orange circle with a black contour around it. In front of it, they’ve written the brand’s name diagonally across this circle. The letters were a usual white sans-serif font with a black contour.

1999 – Today

Logo Manitowoc

The Manitowoc visual identity is minimalist yet bright and modern. The company’s logo is composed of a wordmark with a graphical element on its left.

The wordmark in dark gray is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface which is italicized and features rounded shapes of “a” and “n”. The letter “I” had no dot above it, although all the letters except “M” are in the lower case.

symbol Manitowoc

The first “M” is drawn in white and placed on a red circle, which is a symbol of energy and power. The traditional color combination shows the brand as the one which values quality and aims to provide its customers with the best products.

The Manitowoc logo is contemporary and modest, with no extra details it reflects the strength and confidence of the brand.