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Eurolines, a European intercity coach service, has been pretty consistent in its visual brand identity over the last couple of decades. While the logo may look a little too long, this becomes an advantage when it is placed on the sides of the buses.

Meaning and history

Eurolines LogoThe distinctive feature of the Eurolines logo is that the pictorial part is incorporated into the wordmark and they seamlessly merge.

The emblem is made up of the white letter “o” inside a red square standing on one of its sharp ends. In addition to being the company’s symbol, the “o” also is a part of the wordmark standing right in the middle of it. All the other letters are dark blue, with the only exception of the dot above the “i” – the dot is red.

What is Eurolines?
Eurolines is the name of a European company, which was established in 1985 in Brussels, and is specialized in passenger bus transportation both in Europe and Morocco. It is a union of 32 companies, which makes it the biggest player in its segment.


The type in the Eurolines logo is an unpretentious sans. What makes the writing unusual is the way it combines capital letters (the “r” and “l”) with lowercase ones (“e,” “i,” “n”). One of the reasons was probably the need for clarity – when the lowercase “L” is used, it looks like the “i,” so it has been replaced by the capitalized version.

Company overview

Eurolines describes itself as “the biggest coach network in Europe.” The network includes 32 independent bus companies connecting over 500 destinations (2020) covering the European continent and Morocco. The brand belongs to an international non-profit organization, according to Belgian law.