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Nexus is the Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive (TWPTE).

Meaning and history

Nexus Logo history


Nexus Logo-1969

The original logo was very intricate, to say the least of it. It was formed by two lines, one of them black, the other one dark blue. The black line formed a pattern looking like two symmetrical flags. The ends of the line were cut out to make up two triangles. The dark blue line was straight and was placed right in the middle of the logo.

You could find all the initials of the words forming the name of the brand in the lines of the emblem, although they were not immediately obvious.


Nexus Logo-1974

In spite of the fact that the emblem was difficult to grasp and decipher, it was used for almost three decades almost unchanged. The only notable modification took place in 1974 when the blue grew brighter and a frame was added. During this period, the company was already called Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive.


Nexus Logo-1987

A dramatically new design was unveiled. There was a long straight line ending with the letters “T” and “W.” The full name of the company in small letters could be seen below.

This version was more meaningful (the line looked like the road) and easier to decipher than its predecessors.


Nexus Logo-1996

The brand identity went through a total overhaul including a new, easy-to-remember name and a more minimalist emblem. The emblem was formed by two arrowheads resembling two roads. The word “Nexus” in an austere sans came below.


Nexus Logo-2002

The red grew brighter, while the grayish-blue was replaced by a more vivid shade of green. As a result, the logo became more eye-catching.


Nexus Logo

An additional Nexus logo was introduced featuring a lighter and brighter shade of green combined with a slightly more muted red.