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Meaning and history

Major Indoor Soccer League Logo history
The Major Indoor Soccer League logo looks a bit as if it was inspired by the emblem of the Major League Baseball. At least, the palette and the structure are very close to that of the baseball organization’s logo.

1978 – 1992

Major Indoor Soccer League Logo 1978
The original logo depicted a shape of a rectangle with rounded corners. The outlines were three layers of red, white and blue lines, while the insides were mostly white. The very center was occupied by the acronym ‘MISL’, written in big, bold serif letters. On their immediate right, there was a red soccer ball.

2001 – 2008

Major Indoor Soccer League Logo 2001
This next logo used a more elaborate shape of a shield with a low, wide plaque in the bottom. Both bits were fused into a single form of dark blue with a red outline. The latter section was where they wrote ‘MISL’ in white letters. The font was a sharper, more abrupt style. The center of the shield bit was occupied by an image of a soccer ball with a red tile in the middle.

2009 – 2010

Major Indoor Soccer League Logo 2009

2011 – 2014

MISL logo
The MISL logo features a football player in white. The player creates a “border” between two fields, a red and dark blue one. The red part contains the letters “MI,” while the blue part houses “SL.”

There’s the text “Major Indoor Soccer League” below. While the words themselves are in dark blue, the initials are given in red. The logo is placed inside a thin dark blue frame with white filling.

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