AFC logo

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afc logo
Asian Football Confederation is the main organization of football in the Asian region. It is relly influential and authoritative organization and of course it has a very interesting logo. Its logo includes white underground and blue abbrevation ‘AFC’. In the letter ‘C’ you can see the imagination of the Earth.
afc logo

The Asian Football Confederation logo doesn’t have any direct links to soccer; you can’t instantly decide what type of entity it belongs to from its look. However, the white and gold ball on the right certainly gives a hint, as the hexagonal shapes in its top part look very much like those on a soccer ball. Also, the design on the ball is a stylized depiction of Asia on the map.
The ball is placed inside the letter “C,” which, in its turn, is part of the abbreviation “AFC.” The lettering is given in a custom blue font. Below, there’s the full name of the league. The full version of the AFC logo includes the motto “The Future is Asia.”