AFC logo


AFC is an abbreviation, standing for the Asian Football Confederation, a member of FIFA, established in 1954 and headquartered in Malaysia. Today the Confederation has five subsidiaries and 47 members from Asian countries.

Meaning and history

AFC Logo history

The history of the AFC visual identity is short and modest — only one big redesign was held by the organization in 2001, though the original style and its color palette have been completely changed and the emblem we all can see today is something extremely different.

1954 — 2001

AFC Logo 1954

The original AFC logo, introduced in 1954, boasted a classy traditional crest in a bright green and yellow color palette. The three letters on the shield were executed in gothic-style elegant lines, and frames with two flame-Mike yellow lines on its sides. The yellow and green football was placed on the bottom of the crest, while the searched yellow badge with the serif “Asia” inscription on it — on the top part.

2001 — Today

AFC logo

The redesign of 2001 brought fresh air to the AFC visual identity, switching its color palette to blue and yellow, and making the logotype the main part of the composition. Today the elegant yet modern wordmark in all capitals is drawn in intense blue and has its letter “C” complemented by a stylized hexagonal pattern in yellow, making it look like a football. The delicate sharp Star is placed on the right from the emblem, symbolizing light and luck.

The full wordmark is written under the emblem and has a yellow handwritten @The Future is Asia” slogan under it.

Font and color

The stylish and elegant AFC logotype is written in a custom sans-serif typeface with the ends of the letter-lines slightly elongated and pointed to the left. The sharp edges and clean contours of the inscription make it look strong and sophisticated. The typeface of the logo looks close to Royal Castle Extra Bold and Matt fonts, but with its contours modified.

The blue and yellow color palette of the AFC visual identity makes the logo look bright and eye-catching, reflecting such qualities as energy, progressiveness, and determination, along with the passion and expertise of the organization.