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Over 20 teams comprising the athletic program of Iona College in New Rochelle, New York, share a common shield.

Meaning and history

Iona Gaels Logo history


Iona Gaels Logo-1982The older logos introduced in 1982 and 2003 featured a smiling character wearing a gold and maroon hat.


Iona Gaels Logo-2003

The Iona Gaels logo has gone a long way from a cartoonish design to the bold and contemporary emblem the team has today.


Iona Gaels Logo-2013

In 2013, they were replaced by a typographic logo dominated by the word “Iona.” The centerpiece of the emblem was an intricate design placed inside the letter “O.”

2016 – Today

Iona Gaels Logo

The Iona Gaels logo adopted in 2016 preserved the typographic core of its predecessor but added a shield at the background.

Iona Gaels basketball

Iona Gaels basketball logo

The men’s basketball team of Iona College has made fourteen appearances in the NCAA Tournaments and six appearances in the National Invitation Tournament. In addition to this, they played in the Postseason Tournament in 2011.

Iona Gaels baseball

Iona Gaels baseball logo

As of 2019, the Iona Gaels have had 26 Major League Baseball Draft selections since 1965.