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The star in the logo of the business conglomerate Maersk has a long and interesting history dating back to the 19th century.

Meaning and history

Maersk Logo history

According to the company, the seven-pointed star has been used since 1886 when it was painted on the funnel of the first steamship, the S.S. Laura.

Here is the story of how it was adopted.

Captain Peter Mærsk Møller and his wife, Anna Møller, were on a long ocean voyage when the woman fell seriously ill. She was on the frontier between life and death. One night, as her husband was standing on deck praying for her health, he looked up and saw a single star in a break in the clouds – that night was a very cloudy one.

What is Maersk?
Maersk is the name of a Danish company, which was established in Copenhagen in 1904, and by today has grown into one of the world’s most reputable providers ofcontainer shipping services and logistics. The main specialization of the colony is ocean and inland freight transportation.

The star became a symbol of hope for the captain. When Anna Møller overcame her illness, he decided to use the star, which was nicknamed the star of hope, as a symbol of his business project. As he later explained in a letter to his wife, for him, the star on the funnel of the ship would forever remind him of the night when he had prayed asking for the sign, would remind “that the Lord hears our prayers.”

1928 – 1972

Maersk Logo 1928

The logo of Maersk, a well-known global shipping company. This particular logo is an older version. Centered within the logo is an emblem featuring a steamship funnel with the distinctive Maersk star, which has become a symbol of the company’s brand. The seven-pointed star is set against a background that contrasts with the funnel, making it prominent. The funnel suggests the shipping and maritime industry, while the star is often associated with excellence and navigation, essential qualities for a shipping line. Surrounding the central image is a rope border creating a circular frame, within which the company’s name, “MAERSK LINE,” is inscribed in capitalized, serif lettering. The bottom half features what appears to be the initials “A.P. MOLLER”, indicating the name of the founder, A.P. Møller. The overall design conveys a traditional and enduring presence in the shipping industry, consistent with Maersk’s long history and reputation.

1972 – Today

Maersk Logo

The current Maersk logo showcases a white seven-pointed star inside a light blue square with rounded corners. Next to it, there is the lettering “Maersk” in black. When featured on the company’s ships, the star can be seen on a light blue background without a certain shape. The color and the name of the brand are featured on various visible placed across the ships without necessarily copying the logo (for instance, the name can appear on the blue background).


Clean and simple, the type on the Maersk logo provides excellent legibility even if you see it from a large distance. This is probably the most important feature for a wordmark used on ships.

Maersk Emblem

Company overview

A.P. Møller – Mærsk A/S is a business conglomerate working in several industries, from transport and logistics to energy. Since 1996, it has been known as the world’s largest container ship and supply vessel operator.

The brand is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with branches in around 130 countries and over 80,000 employees.

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