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LuLaRoe logo looks youthful and vivid without being too overpowering. It seems to perfectly fit the sphere the brand specializes in – fashion and style.

Meaning and history

LuLaRoe Logo

One of the very few US designers using MLM, LuLaRoe was established in 2012. Four years later, its annual sales reached US$1 billion, according to the company. The number of “consultants” distributing their products reached 80,000. However, there’ve been quite a few quality issues and problems with refunds, which damaged the company’s reputation and made a huge number of consultants cancel their distributorships.

Regular symbol

symbol LuLaRoe

The logotype consists of three parts. First comes a large square with six smaller squares inside. The choice of colors, shapes, and proportions make the square look as if it was a 3D picture and also create an illusion of motion. Next to it, there’s the name of the company in a fancy typeface. The “L’s” have small arrows above them, while the “R” has an arrow below. Each of the letters is given in two lines with an empty white space between them.

Below the square and the company name, there’s a text in lower case: “simply comfortable.” In contrast to the vivid colors of the main part of the logo, the text is given in grey.

Simpler emblem

emblem LuLaRoe

In addition to the regular logo described above, a simpler version is often used. The only difference is that the text “simply comfortable” is removed.


Color LuLaRoe Logo

The combination of colors featured on the LuLaRoe logo has been definitely “borrowed” from the rainbow, although, unlike the rainbow, the logotype starts with yellow and ends with green. Because of its “rainbow” roots, the combination could have looked generic if not for the choice of tints and hues. In case of each color, a very unusual and pleasing to the eye shade was chosen, as a result of which, the palette became unique and eye-catching.


Font LuLaRoe Logo

The wordmark is a custom artwork, although its author might have used several existing fonts as a source of inspiration. The company recommended three fonts for its consultants to use in documents or web pages connected with LuLaRoe: Exljbris, Maven Pro Light, and Steelfish RG.

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