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Thierry Rabotin logoThierry Rabotin Logo PNG

Due to its bold palette and shape, the logo of the shoe brand Thierry Rabotin stands out in the crowd of fashion brand emblems.

Meaning and history

The creator of the Italian shoe brand Thierry Rabotin was born in the small town of Tole, France. At the very beginning of his professional way he was fascinated by the design of children’s and women’s fashion, and he was engaged in knitwear. Thierry was educated in one of the most prestigious fashion schools, and since 1978 he began to nurture the idea of creating his brand.

For twenty years Rabotin has been trying to find the ideal concept of the brand, and in 1999 Thierry and his partners opened a shoe brand, which today is synonymous with high quality and comfort.

Thierry Rabotin brand shoes are not created on a mass scale. These shoes are designed for those customers who appreciate the time-tested style and classics, as well as excellent quality.

What is Thierry Rabotin?
Thierry Rabotin is a world-famous Italian shoe brand, which is named after its founder. Today the company, founded in 1999, produces high-quality shoes that are sold around the world.The main feature of Thierry Rabotin shoes is that they are still made only by hand.


Thierry Rabotin symbol

While the Thierry Rabotin logo features the designer’s initials “r” and “t,” the letters are given in such a way that they’re hardly legible and look more like just a picture, an icon. To begin with, there’re two identical slightly rounded lines in dark green. Each of them has a bolder red bar on the top. In case of the “t,” the bar is straight and positioned almost horizontally, while in case of the “r,” the bar is slightly curved and positioned almost diagonally.

The lettering “Thierry Rabotin” in red can be seen below.

Font and Color

The delicate and lightweight lowercase lettering from the primary badge of the Thierry Rabotin logo is set in a simple and modest sans-serif typeface with clean contours of the characters. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Europa Grotesk SH Cond, or Nimbus Sans Novus D Cond Medium.

As for the color palette of the Thierry Rabotin visual identity, it is based on a bright and vivid combination of red and green, which represents motion and progress, at the same time reflecting the professionalism of the brand and its confidence on the market.

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