Thierry Rabotin logo

Thierry Rabotin logoThierry Rabotin Logo PNG

Due to its bold palette and shape, the logo of the shoe brand Thierry Rabotin stands out in the crowd of fashion brand emblems.


Thierry Rabotin symbol

While the Thierry Rabotin logo features the designer’s initials “r” and “t,” the letters are given in such a way that they’re hardly legible and look more like just a picture, an icon. To begin with, there’re two identical slightly rounded lines in dark green. Each of them has a bolder red bar on the top. In case of the “t,” the bar is straight and positioned almost horizontally, while in case of the “r,” the bar is slightly curved and positioned almost diagonally.

The lettering “Thierry Rabotin” in red can be seen below.