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Tenda, or Construtora Tenda, is the name of a building company, which was established in 1969 in Brazil. Today the company is a subsidiary of Garuda Group and operates all over the country, being one of the largest Brazilian construction companies.

Meaning and history

The Tenda visual identity is minimalist and modest, yet is modern and meaningful. The company’s logo is composed of a geometric emblem with the wordmark on its left. The emblem is more often used on its own, without any inscription, as it perfectly reflects the company’s purpose and nature and is instantly recognizable in the industry.

The group’s emblem consists of a solid red circle with a stylized image of the house silhouette, which is formed by two geometric figures — a vertically placed rectangle and a pentagon, which has its bottom side arched. The roof and the house on the emblem have a small space between them, which adds lightness and freshness to the logo.

The red and white color palette of the corporate visual identity is a reflection of a passionate and progressive company, which aims to provide their customers with comfortable homes, where everyone will feel warm and happy.

Tenda Emblem

On some versions of the logo, there is also the company’s motto written as a tagline. It also says a lot about the brand’s values and philosophy. “Construindo Felicidade”, which translates to English as “Building Happiness”.


The earlier versions of the logo had its wordmark in the capital letters written in a bold and slightly narrowed sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Akwe Pro SC Black, with its sting and solid thick letters.

After the latest redesign of the company’s visual identity, the company’s nameplate gained a new look, which is more contemporary and stylish. The Tenda wordmark today is executed in a sans-serif typeface, which is close to Sequel Sans Heavy Display. Its traditional lines have enough space between them and the neat letters have their contours distinct and cuts and angles straight.

Tenda Logo


Tenda is one of the largest construction companies in Brazil, which has more than 100 thousand houses build across the country during 50 years of the company’s history. The Group’s main aim is to deliver happiness to people, and they tend to do their best to provide its customers with houses of the highest quality. The company pays huge attention to the construction material they use and the professionalism of the building teams.

Today Tenda has its operating and sales offices in more than 100 cities all over Brazil, where everyone can get all the necessary information about the construction technologies of the company and all the units available for sale.