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Liz Claiborne is American fashion brand, established in 1976 and named after one of its founders. It was one of the most prosperous and greatest fashion brands in the 1980s and 1990s. Liz Claiborne was the first firm created and managed by a woman to get on a Fortune 500 list.

Meaning and history

The Liz Claiborne logo was changed several times during the brand’s history, but it sense remained. It is an elegant wordmark in a monochrome palette.

The lettering was always fine and clean, whether it was a more classic sans-serif font or a custom and futuristic one, with a “Z” resembling number “2”. The brand experimented with its visual identity forms, but not its content.Liz Claiborne Logo

The last brand’s logo is a stylish and bold typeface of the wordmark, with elongated lines of “L”. The nameplate is all in the lower-case, and there are no don’t above the letters “I”, which make the logo look modern and unique. The straight thin lines of “L” and “I” make the brand’s visual identity minimalist and laconic, showing the brand as the one that values design and quality above everything.

Liz Claiborne logo
This is a timeless logo, full of finesse and sophistication, and reflecting the brand’s sight on a younger audience and the future of fashion.