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Liu Jo Uomo is the name of a men’s line of the famous Italian fashion label Liu Jo, which was established in 1995 by two brothers, Marco and Vannis Marchi. The brand was named after the brothers’ nicknames. Liu Jo was formed as a kind of protest to the family business of the brothers’ parents — Pizza and Pasta making.

Meaning and history


Liu Jo Uomo is a line of clothing for men introduced by the Italian fashion house Liu Jo, founded in the middle of the 1990s. According to the brand, the collection is aimed at the busy, cosmopolitan man and is based on a distinctive, naturally attractive style.

The brand started from collections for women, but the owners, Marco and Vannis Marchi realized that the men’s fashion market was lacking something edgy and progressive, so they desired to step in and were not mistaken.

Today Liu Jo Uomo designs not only clothing but also bags, accessories, and even shoes for men, along with a limited line of perfume and lifestyle goods. The brand has its fans all over the globe, and the fashion collections of Liu Jo, including its men’s line, are distributed in more than 50 countries on three continents.

What is Liu Jo Uomo?

LIU JO UOMO is a men’s line of the famous Italian brand LIU JO. Style is characterized by Italian classics with casual elements. Things are made only in Italy, the quality of materials and finishing will not leave indifferent even the most demanding customer. Production is based in Naples, Italy, under the strict guidance of the company.

In terms of visual identity, the Uomo line of Liu Jo follows the concept of its mother brand and uses a simple yet elegant logotype in black on white, with the “Uomo” added as the tagline. Although what makes the logo interesting is that the two parts of it are executed in completely different typefaces.

The 1990s – Today

Liu Jo Uomo logo

The Liu Jo Uomo logo combines two different typefaces. The first line is made up of the logo of the parent brand, Liu Jo. Below, you can see the word “Uomo.” It features a traditional serif type. Similar typefaces are used in a variety of fashion brand logos, for instance, the Alexander McQueen logo.

The font, used for the upper, massive part of the badge, with the name of the main brand, Liu Jo, is pretty similar to such types as Cover Charge JNL and Insta Story Bold, the modern geometric fonts, while the uppercase “Uomo” part is written in a completely different style, using elegant shapes of a serif typeface, which is close to  Trajan Regular and Cresci LP Regular.