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Lightyear is a Netherlands-based automotive company specializing in the design and manufacturing of solar electric vehicles (EVs). Founded by former members of Solar Team Eindhoven, Lex Hoefsloot serves as the CEO. The company is focused on creating long-range, energy-efficient electric cars that use integrated solar panels for charging. The headquarters and main operations are located in Helmond, Netherlands. Lightyear aims to revolutionize sustainable mobility with its groundbreaking products like the Lightyear One, designed to offer extraordinary energy efficiency and range.

Meaning and history

Lightyear Logo history

Lightyear was established in 2016 by a team of engineers who were former members of the Solar Team Eindhoven, with Lex Hoefsloot at the helm as the CEO. The company’s primary vision is to create sustainable, long-range electric vehicles that leverage integrated solar technology to extend their driving range. They gained considerable attention with the unveiling of their flagship vehicle, Lightyear One, which boasts incredible energy efficiency and has a range of approximately 450 miles on a single charge.

Key milestones for the company include raising substantial investment funds and the accolades for Lightyear One, such as being nominated for multiple innovation awards. Lightyear has also formed strategic partnerships with various industry players to advance its technology.

As of 2021, Lightyear is in the pre-production phase of the Lightyear One, with expectations of delivering the first units in 2022. The company continues to gain recognition for its unique approach to sustainable mobility, and it is actively working on expanding its vehicle lineup and global presence from its base in Helmond, Netherlands.

What is Lightyear?
Lightyear is a Dutch automotive company that specializes in creating solar-powered electric vehicles. Founded in 2016 by former Solar Team Eindhoven members, the company aims to revolutionize sustainable transportation with highly energy-efficient, long-range cars. Its flagship product is the Lightyear One, designed to be charged via solar panels integrated into the vehicle.

2019 – 2022

Lightyear Logo 2019

The minimalistic design of this logo makes it clear that it was created relatively recently. The company used a font that looks very similar to Bio Sans Regular or PT Root UI Medium. It is a sans-serif font that features simple lines and straight cuts. The name features all lowercase characters except for the first capitalized letter. To the right of it, the logo has an infinity sign drawn using a rather thin line to match the name. It was quite symbolic as the company has declared that its automobiles are powered by never-ending solar power. The whole emblem is done using a classic, timeless black and placed on a white background.

2022 – now

Lightyear Logo

This logo looks very modern and has a lot in common with the earlier version. This is mainly due to the use of the same color palette as well as exactly the same wordmark. The only element that has changed is the infinity sign. It was replaced by three wavy lines that were placed on the left side of the logo. They resembled the sun rays or power energizing the brand and its products.