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The logo of Line-X, a US and Australian manufacturer of protective coatings, has remained the same in its core with only subtle modifications.

Meaning and history

Line X Logo history

Line-X specializes in the development and marketing of protective coatings. The company has a franchised network in North America and Australia. The range of products includes spray-on truck bedliners, as well as specialty automotive coatings and accessories.


Line-X Logo 2011

To begin with, we should mention the 2011 corporate logo. It looks pretty much like the current one, except that it has a tagline “Protective Coating.” The writing features a legible all-caps sans serif typeface. The letters are by far smaller than those used for the company name above. Also, they are italicized.

The Line-X logo used before 2011 looked almost the same apart from the tagline “Spray-On Truck Bedliner.”


Line X logo
The current Line-X logo is based on a yellow ellipse with black trim. Inside, there is the lettering “Line-X” in a pretty heavy, bold sans serif type. The proportions of the letters and their shape are pretty generic. The hyphen has a unique and meaningful touch, though. It looks like sprayed liquid, which is a visual representation of the core product, spray-on truck bedliner.