Lee Logo

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Lee Logo
Lee is an iconic American brand of jeans, which was established in 1889 by Henri David Lee. It is a legendary name in the history of denim fashion, and today it is a part of Kontoor Brands group. 

Meaning and history 

Lee Logo history

The denim legend, Lee, has a highly recognizable logo, that has been with the company for years. The brand became popular for its overalls and cowboy apparel, but later Lee created a daughter brand “Riders”, which started selling the cowboys fashion items.
Its bold and confident wordmark in a custom lay drawn typeface and a dark yellow color palette is a reflection of a powerful brand. 
The Lee logo first appeared on the jeans labels in 1946 and since then it became a quality mark of a perfect denim garment.
The visual identity of the brand is minimalist yet strong and intense, due to the form of letters, its thickness and the brightness of the color. 
It is a logo, which evokes a sense of authority, expertise and professionalism. It is stylish and timeless, ready to follow its brand for a hundred more years.