Topshop Logo

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Topshop Logo
Topshop is an iconic brand of affordable fashion and accessories retailing company, which was established in 1964 in London. The brand is extremely popular worldwide especially among teenagers and has more than 500 stores across the globe. The brand is owned by Arcadia Group.

Meaning and history

Topshop Logo history

The Topshop visual identity is minimalist and simple, like many other fashion retailers’ logo designs. It makes sense, as the modest yet bold tag looks good on the clothing of any style, and the Topshop fashion assortment has always been very colorful.
The Topshop logo is composed of a wordmark, executed in black and placed on a white background.
The brand uses a bold sans-serif typeface with wide spacing between the letters. All the capitals of the nameplate feature clean rounded lines and straight cuts.
Topshop Logo
The Topshop logo is perfectly balanced and harmonized. It looks good on tags and packaging, as well as on the brand’s website and advertising materials.
It is a timeless classic, which will always be in trend, and the monochrome palette of the Topshop logo only adds strength and elegance to the whole concept.