Red Kap Logo

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Red Kap is a brand of workwear manufacturer from the USA. The company was established in 1923 under the name “Central Overall Manufacturing”. Today is it one of the country’s leading companies in its segment. Red Kap is an official uniform provider of such huge companies as Honda and GM Company.

Meaning and history

The Red Kap logo is composed of a traditional badge with a wordmark on it.

The crest-like background is slightly stretched horizontally and depicts lettering and a tagline with the date. The intense red of the emblem is balanced by a thick white outline located around the inside of the perimeter.

The wordmark in all the capital letters is written in a modern and bold sans serif typeface with a slightly curved tail of the letter “R”. Executed in white color, it creates a good contrast with red and looks strong and bright.

Red Kap Logo

The date of the brand’s establishment, 1923, is written underneath the wordmark and featured thin lines and yellow color. It is a delicate and modest tribute to the company’s history and heritage.

The color palette of the Red Kap logo is a reflection of the brand’s name, which is also a confident and power combination. It evokes a sense of energy and progress of a strong company.

The previous visual identity of the brand was completely different. The circular emblem consisted of a thick outline with a red baseball hat on its top and the wordmark in red.