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Lauren Ralph Lauren is one of the core lines introduced by the Ralph Lauren Corporation, an American fashion company founded in 1967. It is considered a sub-premium brand.

What is the symbol of Ralph Lauren corporation?
The symbol of Ralph Lauren is an image of a polo player on a horse, usually depicted in plain black or blue shades. The symbol is known as Polo Pony and has been with the company since the very beginning, to represent the initial field of Ralph Lauren fashion house activity: the apparel for polo sports. By today it has become much more than an emblem, it is now synonymous with elegance and chic.

Meaning and history


Lauren Ralph Lauren logo

The current Lauren Ralph Lauren logo plays on the contrast between two typefaces. The first line features the word “Lauren” in the same font as it can be seen in the primary Ralph Lauren logo (the logo of the parent brand). It is rather elegant and has stylish serifs.

In comparison with it, the type used for the lettering “Ralph Lauren” below is more utilitarian. The serifs have disappeared – there is no place for excessive decoration.

What is Lauren Ralph Lauren?
Lauren Ralph Lauren is the budget line of clothing for women, men, and kids, from the iconic American designer Ralph Lauren. The Lauren collections have all types of garments and accessories, featuring simpler silhouettes and more casual fabrics and prints than the main fashion label.

Font and color

The top and main line of the Lauren Ralph Lauren logo is composed of the uppercase inscription, set in a fancy and elegant serif typeface, which is very similar to Song ASC Traditional Light or Monotype Baskerville Pro Roman fonts. The bottom line with the “Ralph Lauren” emblem has a contrasting style of the inscription. It is also capitalized, and set in the same color, but has a completely different mood — the inscription is set in a clean and modern sans-serif font, which is pretty close to ITC Blair Pro Medium and Organetto Regular Ext, with the horizontally extended letters, lots of air between the lines and very stable shapes.

The official color of the Lauren Ralph Lauren logo is medium-blue with a smooth and deep hue. The color evokes a sense of tenderness and lightness. Although, like any other fashion brand, Lauren can put its logo in black and white, or gold and white, when it is placed on the tags or packaging of the items.