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For most of its history, the logo of Salomon, a French sports equipment brand, was based on a large “S,” which has been used in combination with the full name of the company, or as the initial of the name, or on its own. The way the “S” looks has been altered multiple times.

Meaning and history

Salomon Logo history

Salomon is a brand about sports, activity, and movement, and both versions of its logo, created throughout the company’s history, brilliantly reflect its purpose and character, staying simple yet strong, serious, and reliable.

1947 — 2013

Salomon Logo-1947

The original Salomon logo was composed of a smooth and stylish emblem, placed above the bold wordmark, executed in a custom sans-serif typeface, which had its thick smooth letters slightly italicized, making the brutal mood of the logo more friendly and welcoming.

The Salomon emblem depicted a stylized swirl, composed of two smooth curved lines with thickened rounded ends in the middle, and sharpened tails on the outside.

The monochrome color palette of the brand’s visual identity reflected its professionalism, determination, and strength, making the whole composition timeless and elegant.

2013 — Today

Salomon logo

The redesign of 2013 completely changed the original composition of the Salomon logo, though the character and mood remained the same, as the brand’s new emblem resembled the first letter of the logotype from the previous design.

The stylized white “S” is placed inside the black solid square with rounded angles and softened lines. As for the lettering, it’s typeface was replaced by a custom and distinct sans-serif font with thick lines and rounded shapes. The lowercase letters of the inscription soften the look of the logo, making it modern and recognizable.