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The name and logo of Latvian Higher League have been typically modified with every change in the organization’s sponsorship. Historically, it has been known under the names of LMT Virslīga (2005-2011) and Latvijas Futbola virslīga (2012-2016). Then, in 2016, it signed a 3-year sponsorship deal with SynotTip and, as a result, adopted the name SynotTip Higher League.

In fact, on the Latvian Higher League logo, the name of the sponsor is given higher and in larger letters than that of the league itself. Above the word “Synottip,” a flying football and a flag can be seen. The design is placed inside a shield with five angles.

Meaning and history

Latvian Higher League Logo

The Latvian Higher League, founded in [year] by [founder], is the top professional football league in Latvia. Throughout its history, the league has achieved significant milestones. It has consistently showcased intense competition among the country’s leading football clubs, fostering the growth and development of the sport. Over the years, Latvian Higher League teams have competed in European club competitions, contributing to the recognition of Latvian football on the international stage. Currently, the league continues to thrive, captivating fans with its thrilling matches and nurturing emerging talents, solidifying its position as the premier football competition in Latvia.

What is Latvian Higher League?
The Latvian Higher League is the top professional football league in Latvia. It features the country’s best football clubs competing for the national championship.

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