LASK is the name of a football club from Austria, which was established in 1908. The club is considered to be one of the strongest and most successful in the Austrian Bundesliga, it is owned by LASK GmbH and managed by Dominik Thalhammer.

Meaning and history

LASK logo

The name of the club LASK is an abbreviation for Linzer Athletik-Sport-Klub, which is the Sports Club of Linz, the city where the team was established. Its visual identity doesn’t have many ups and downs or dramatic changes. As everything Austrian, the LASK logo is constant, strict, and elegant.

The logo of the famous Austrian football club is composed of a white shield in a very thin black outline, which allows placing the badge on various backgrounds. The body of the shield is horizontally divided into two parts — the bottom one with four black and three white vertical stripes, and a solid white one, with the wordmark and the club’s symbol.

The LASK lettering is placed above the vertical stripes and written in a bold and straight sans-serif typeface. All the letters of the inscription are black, except for “L”, which is scarlet-red.

Above the wordmark another club’s icon is placed — a black, white, and red flack enclosed in a black circular frame with the whole name written in white delicate sans-serif.

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