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Torino Logo
Italian football club Torino was founded in Turin, Piedmont, in 1906. Initially, it was called Foot-Ball Club Torino. Today, it’s one of the country’s most successful clubs, which can boast seven league titles.

Meaning and History logo

history Torino Logo

The meaning of the Torino FC logo is deeply rooted in the symbolism of the club’s home city, Turin. The Italian word for “Turin” is “Torino,” while the city’s emblem features a rampant bull. Hence the club’s nickname “il Toro,” which means “the Bull” in English.
Taking into consideration this fact, it’s hardly a surprise that a rampant bull has been a recurrent motif in the club’s crest throughout all of its history.


Torino Symbol
The bull hasn’t always looked the same, though. In earlier, black-and-white versions, the bull had more curves than the current one, which has plenty of angular elements. The Torino logo of the 1980s featured the bull with the words “Torino Calcio” (both placed in a square frame). Another popular logo was an ellipse divided into two fields, a maroon (with the bull) and white (with the letters “TC”) one.


Torino Emblem
The current emblem features a white bull with the word “Torino,” the letters “FC,” and 1906 inside a shield shape.


torino fc logo
The logo is dominated by maroon. In maroon, the passion and energy of pure red is somewhat muted, and therefore, looks nobler. Yellow, blue, and white are used as accent colors.
logo torino calcio