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The first Kurt Geiger store opened in London in 1963 and quickly found fans thanks to its win-win attitude – to make beautiful, fashionable, and affordable shoes. The brand adheres to this principle to this day, later adding accessories to its line. Kurt Geiger is most often characterized by neat shapes, a restrained palette, and natural materials. This does not prevent the collections from hitting the hottest trends.

Meaning and history

Kurt Geiger opened his first store in the capital of Great Britain in 1963. At that time he did not know that he would become the founder of a world-famous brand, and Kurt Geiger shoes could be bought in the most fashionable supermarkets in the United Kingdom and other countries of the world.

At the moment there are 40 conceptual boutiques and stores of Kurt Geiger on the territory of Great Britain. The company has its representative offices abroad – in Italy, UAE, and France. There are also plans to expand the network of franchise stores in some Middle Eastern countries. Kurt Geiger has about 70 stores and about 170 concessions within department stores, including Harrods and Selfridges.

Today, Kurt Geiger’s shoes are recognizable in many countries around the world. Kurt has also become the head of such well-known brands as Carvela, Fashionistas, Solea, and Miss KG. He retails Prada and Gucci and maintains strong business relationships with Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana, and other well-known brands.

The designers of his brand design and create both men’s and women’s shoes. In addition, his manufactories produce bags, sunglasses, hats, gloves, belts, and various jewelry.

But the basis of Kurt Geiger is still shoes, sandals, sandals, sandals, as well as men’s moccasins and boots. All products are made exclusively of high-quality raw materials – natural and patent leather, and suede.

The creative core of the company is 16 well-known and respected designers. They develop new models and closely follow changes in fashion trends and the emergence of innovative technologies. This approach allows for making each model of any collection unique and truly individual.

Thanks to this, Kurt Geiger was able to realize the main concept of the brand – “from the runway to the store shelf”. As a result, designers and manufacturers present at least five new collections every year.

What is Kurt Geiger?
Kurt Geiger is the name of a British fashion brand founded in London in 1963. The brand creates shoes and accessories that meet the latest trends. Kurt Geiger London successfully combines iconic London style with comfortable street fashion, which makes the brand very popular among customers of different age categories.

In terms of visual identity, Kurt Geiger is pretty laconic and powerful. The primary logo has only black lettering on it, but there are other details, that make the brand recognizable, such as the iconic rainbow, which can be seen on the shoes and accessories of the Kurt Geiger collections.

???? – Today

Kurt Geiger Logo

The logo of this British fashion brand is based on a wide and stable sans-serif lettering, written in plain black lines over a white background. The extended shapes of the characters and their distinctive contours create a very progressive and confident image of the wordmark. The primary logo has no additional details, however, the brand has an additional emblem, which is often used as an icon, and can also be seen on the bags of Kurt Geiger. It is the three-dimensional eagle’s head in dark gold metal, embedded with glossy stones.

Font and color

Kurt Geiger Emblem

The lettering from the primary logo of the Kurt Geiger brand is set in a modern geometric sans-serif typeface with the expanded shapes of the characters. The clean lines and solid shapes make it look very up-to-date, showing the brand as a progressive and stylish one.

As for the color palette of Kurt Geiger’s visual identity, it is based on the classic black-and-white mix, which allows placing it in various compositions, staying confident and eye-catching.