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Roberto Botticelli is an Italian shoemaking brand, present throughout Europe and United States. It’s a relatively minor producer, but all of their shoes are designed with dedication and care. For the most part, they sell various classic shoes for men and women, as well as a specific category of golf shoes – all of premium quality.

Meaning and History

The company was started in 1945 by an entrepreneur and shoemaker Roberto Botticelli, hence the name. For a long time, the company was a strictly Italian brand of footwear, and they only concentrated on opening new facilities in this country. Since the 80s, the brand also started going international.

1976 – Today

Roberto Botticelli Logo

Their long time logo only depicts the name of the company. Both words are on the same line, and they use a bold sans-serif font without any surprising qualities. The only thing is that these letters are very close together so as to not skew the proportions of the logo as a whole. The coloring is normally black, but there’s an alternative design with white letters on a black background, as well.

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