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Hommell is an automotive company founded by Michel Hommell, a French entrepreneur and former racing driver. Michel’s passion for automobiles gave rise to this firm, renowned for producing sports cars. The company primarily operates out of France, crafting cars that cater to the niche market of sports car enthusiasts.

Meaning and history

Hommell Logo

Founded by Michel Hommell in the 1990s, Hommell is a testament to his love for automobiles and his experience as a racing driver. The brand made waves in the automotive industry by introducing sports cars like the Hommell Berlinette. Over the years, they’ve showcased unique designs and engineering feats that resonated with car enthusiasts. Hommell continues its journey, producing limited-edition cars primarily for the European market, emphasizing performance and elegance.

What is Hommell?
Hommell is a French automaker established by Michel Hommell. Specializing in sports cars, the brand primarily serves the European market, marrying performance with unique designs.