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A leopard has been the centerpiece of the Lafayette Leopards logo since at least 1986.

Meaning and history

Lafayette Leopards logo history

The Lafayette Leopards, an integral part of NCAA sports, have a storied history dating back to their inception. The team was founded at Lafayette College, a private liberal arts college in Easton, Pennsylvania, which was established in 1826. The Lafayette Leopards encompass various sports teams representing the college in NCAA Division I competitions, primarily in the Patriot League.

Throughout their history, the Lafayette Leopards have achieved significant milestones and garnered numerous accolades. A notable highlight in their sports legacy is the football team’s success, particularly in the early 20th century. The football team won the national championship in 1896 and has cultivated a fierce rivalry with nearby Lehigh University, leading to the annual Lafayette-Lehigh game, one of the longest-running rivalries in college football. In addition to football, other sports like basketball and soccer have also contributed to the school’s athletic prestige, bringing home several conference championships.

Currently, the Lafayette Leopards continue to compete at a high level across various sports. They maintain a strong presence in the NCAA Division I, striving for excellence both on and off the field. The teams consistently demonstrate competitive spirit and sportsmanship, upholding the proud tradition and legacy of Lafayette College. Their ongoing participation in various NCAA events keeps the spirit of competition and athletic prowess alive within the institution.

What is Lafayette Leopards?
This refers to the collective sports teams of Lafayette College, competing in NCAA Division I. Known for their rich history and achievements in various sports, they continue to uphold a legacy of athletic excellence and spirited competition.

1986 – 1999

Lafayette Leopards Logo-2000

On the 1986 emblem, you could see an angled view of the leopard’s head in white and red.

2000 – 2009

Lafayette Leopards Logo-1986

It was replaced by a full-sized leopard on the 2000 logo. This time, the creature was black, white, and grey, while the lettering was white and red.

2010 – Today

Lafayette Leopards Logo

Eventually, a more minimalistic Lafayette Leopards logo was introduced in 2010. Here, only the creature’s head and a large “L” stayed.

Lafayette Leopards basketball

Lafayette Leopards basketball logo

The men’s team has competed in four NCAA Tournaments and five National Invitation Tournaments. The women’s team has won the East Coast Conference title on three occasions.

Lafayette Leopards baseball

Lafayette Leopards baseball logo

The baseball program of Lafayette College can boast the following achievements:

  • College World Series appearances: on four occasions
  • NCAA Regionals appearances: on two occasions
  • Conference Championships: on two occasions

Lafayette Leopards Colors

RGB: (168, 153, 110)
CMYK: (30, 30, 60, 10)

HEX COLOR: #98002E;
RGB: (152, 0, 46)
CMYK: (0, 100, 61, 43)

RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)

HEX COLOR: #000000;
RGB: (0, 0, 0)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 100)