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Stradivarius is a Spanish fashion brand, focused on production of casual wear for a young audience. It was established in 1994 and was managed by one family until 1999, when it was bought by Inditex group. Today the brand is well-known worldwide.

Meaning and history

Stradivarius Logo history

The brand got its name after a famous violin maker, Antonio Stradivari. This name is a symbol of excellence in the world of music. That is what Inditex wanted for their brand in the fashion industry.

1994 – 2012

Stradivarius Logo 1994
The original Stradivarius logo is composed of a wordmark enclosed in a rectangular frame with rounded angles, which is overlaid on a round-shaped figure.
The wordmark is executed in a cursive typeface with a treble clef replacing the first letter “S” and a beautifully curved last “s” of the nameplate.

2012 – 2017

Stradivarius Logo 2012
The logo has grown cleaner without losing its identity. The rectangle with rounded corners is gone, while the cursive script has been replaced by a serif font. It still looks elegant, though, with its strokes of varying thicknesses.
Also, the treble clef doesn’t replace the “S” anymore but stands beside it. This makes the name better legible.

2017 – Today

Stradivarius logo
The Stradivarius logo has grown slightly more elegant without changing its overall style. The difference in the thickness of the strokes has grown slightly more prominent. Also, smaller details on the letters have been refined (note, for instance, the decorative serifs on the “d” and “i,” the top of the “a’s,” etc.
The monochrome palette of the logo makes it look sophisticated and timeless. It represents elegance and finesse.
This is a very memorable logo, which is delicate and refined, as well as modern and strong, showing the brand’s creativity and style.