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Kygo is the nickname of a Norwegian disc jockey and compositor named Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll. Kyrre’s playing in the genres of electronic dance music, as well as tropical and deep house. His main instruments are keyboard and piano. He is one of the fastest artists to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify. Kygo’s discography consists of 3 studio albums, 33 singles, and 26 music videos. In the list of his partners are such labels as Sony, RCA, and Ultra.

Meaning and history

Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll was born in Singapore, 1991. His nickname originates from the first letters of his first and last names. He started his DJ career in 2010, but the first success came only in 2013, when he remixed Ed Sheeran’s song ‘I see fire’. Since 2013, Kygo has composed other singles, such as ‘Firestone’ (December 2014), ‘Here for You’ (2015), ‘It Ain’t Me’ (2017), and others. During the Rio De Janeiro Games in 2016, he has become the first house music producer to play at Olympics closing ceremony.

What is Kygo?
Kygo is a music composer from Norway. Since 2010, he has been recording electronic music for dance, using discs, keyboard, and piano. He has got everyone’s attention in 2013 after the release of his remix on Ed Sheeran’s song named ‘I see fire’. For the years to come, he recorded 3 studio albums, 26 music albums and 33 singles. Most of his songs were recorded in a studio set up right at his house. He’s collaborating with many international labels such as Sony, RCA, and Ultra.

2013 – today

Kygo Logo

The Kygo’s wordmark represents an ‘X’ symbol, with one bar bolder than another. At the perimeter, there are the letters of the nickname, written separately counterclockwise.


The color palette of the Kygo brand identity represents black components on the white background.


The letters are written in a bold capitalized typeface with thin serifs. This font is very similar to Times New Roman.