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NBA YoungBoy is the artistic name of a popular American rap singer, DeSean Gaulden, who was born in 1999 and became famous in 2015, after the release of his first album. His first single to reach the top charts was “Outside Today”, released by the musician in 2018, after signing the contract with Atlantic Records (2018).

Meaning and history

American rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again has become famous for his music as well as his infamous behavior. The scandalously famous young rapper has a very rich criminal career and a huge number of criminal reports. As a matter of fact, DeSean Gaulden started writing music when he was in a detention center for another offense against the law.

But despite his turbulent past, the artist has a huge number of fans. To date, the rapper’s 14 videos have garnered more than 100 million views on YouTube. Kantrell DeSean Gaulden earns about $700,000 from views of his videos.

NBA YoungBoy Logo

So what makes YoungBoy NBA stand out from the mass of rap musicians in America? The melodic flow, the Louisiana dialect, the love of beats in the spirit, and, of course, the truthful lyrics. YoungBoy lyrics are not dissimilar, they are about him and what he has seen, and that is why he is loved on the streets. YoungBoy is often compared to his more famous countryman Boosie Badazz and even called the successor of his cause.

The visual identity of the musician has two emblems, used equally, depending on the needs and placement. The first badge features a red and black composition, resembling the iconic NBA badge, with the bold red abbreviation as a background to the black figure of a singer jumping with a gun in his band. The underlined “Never Broke Again” is written under the main part, in bold title-case sans-serif, also in red.

As for the second option of the YoungBoy logo, it is cool, colorful, and friendly, more showing this part of his name, than the one written on it. The badge is set in three levels, with the uppercase “Never Broke Again” having its letters jumping and slanted, and executed in a bold rounded font with a dripping paint effect. Each of the letters is set in one of the following colors: purple, blue, red, or orange.

There is also a third option of the badge, which can be seen on some of the musician’s products. It is a mix of two main badges — the blue dripping “Never Broke Again” on the background and the figure of DeSean with the gun placed over it.