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The logo of Kumho Tire Co., Inc. has been growing simpler with time. It has gone through at least four updates so far.

Meaning and history

Kumho Logo history

Before 2006

Kumho Logo 1960

The company was founded in 1960 under the name of Samyang Tire. It is a South Korean tire company based in Gwangju, South Korea. Today, it works under the following names: Kumho Tires, Kumho Tyre and Kumho Tyres (the choice of the name is connected with business locations).

The older logos featured a stylized plane or bird symbol made up out of two parallelepipeds. The shape was accompanied by the lettering “Kumho” (in a generic sans) and “Tires” (also in a sans serif type, italicized). The palette could include white, red, and blue.


Kumho Logo 2006

In contrast with the previous logo, the words “Kumho Tyre” were now given within a single line. The lettering was gray and rather large, the blue or red background disappeared. In the top right corner, you could see the so-called red “Wing” symbol, which had been borrowed from the logo of the parent company, the Kumho Asiana Group. The vivid, memorable symbol was designed by Landor in 2009.

It could be often seen paired with the tagline “Better. All-ways.”


Kumho logo

When the Kumho Asiana Group sold the tire company to Doublestar, the logo was modified. Although the modification was pretty subtle – only the red “wing” was removed – this drastically changed the overall style of the Kumho logo making it rather generic.