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The most notable redesign of the Tefal logo took place in 2007.

Meaning and history

Tefal Logo history

1956 — 2007

Tefal Logo 1956
The original wordmark was given in solid capitals based on a square shape.
It looked perfectly legible. The heavy glyphs apparently symbolized the reliability of the products made by the brand. And yet, the company eventually decided to update its logo and make the message somewhat different.
If you compare the old logo with the current one, you will notice that the latter looks more dynamic, more up-to-date, and innovative. It emphasizes convenience and style without sacrificing the “reliability” theme.

2007 — Today

Tefal logo
The current insignia is sleeker and more rounded looking close to the Head Pro Black font. There’s a tendency towards softer and simpler shapes, which can be seen, for instance, in the way the “a” and “f” look – each has lost an element of its traditional shape. However, the uppercase “T” looks more like that on the original logo emphasizing that both the logos belong to one and the same company.


Tefal symbol

One more way of accentuating the brand’s visual heritage is to preserve the same color. The shade of red has been only slightly modified to make the contrast brighter.