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Kronospan is a Czech company, which specializes in the design and production of wood panels. The company was founded in 1897 in Austria and today has its subsidiaries and production facilities in 30 countries across the globe. One of the main offices of the brand is in the United Kingdom.

Meaning and history

The company’s visual identity is bold, modern and instantly recognizable. Its unique wordmark doe not need any graphical additions, as fully reflects a progressive and professional character of the brand.

The blue and white color palette of the Kronospan logotype is a representation of the fundamental approach and values of quality and expertise, while the modern contours of the letters symbolize innovations, energy, and dynamics.

Logo Kronospan

The blue color of the corporate visual identity is the most commonly used shade to accent the professionalism and authority of any company, which also evokes a sense of trust and reliability.

What is Kronospan?
Kronospan is the name of a European company, which was established at the end of the 19th century and has always been engaged in the production of wood panels for construction. The company was founded and is based in the Czech Republic, having its products distributed all over the globe.


The unique company’s wordmark in all the lowercase letters is executed in a custom round modular typeface, where all the thick letters are open. The font is very similar to Orange Royale Open, but with some letterforms modified.

The wordmark is divided into two parts by using two different colors. The “Krono” is colored blue and looks progressive and even futuristic, while the “Span” part is executed in white and contoured in blue, which adds lightness and freshness to the whole logo.

Kronospan Logo


Kronospan is a European manufacturer of wood and wood-based products. Today the company has 40 production facilities across the globe, which enables a fast delivery to all the countries.

The range of group’s products includes wood panels for flooring and walls, decorative laminate, worktops, and chipboard, which are used for the interior and exterior design, building structures and furniture production.

The main feature of the company is its eco-friendly and energy-efficient approach to the production process, which reduces the emission of CO2 and improves the quality and sustainability of the finished products. The group operates a full circle recycling process, where the energy recovers from the recycled wood.

For more than 100 years, a family-owned business provided architects, designers, traders and constructing companies across the globe with its high-quality wood products, which are suitable for residential buildings as well as industrial and commercial use.