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Kotex is one of the most recognizable and favorite feminine care brands in the world. Kotex was launched in 1920 by Kimberly-Clark, a consumer products corporation with its presence in more than 80 countries.

Meaning and history

Kotex Logo history

???? – 2003

Kotex Logo old

Originally, logo was a collection of hand-drawn black letters making up the word ‘Kotex’. It was a very artistic and disproportionate display, which made it altogether pleasant.

2003 – 2016

Kotex Logo 2003
In 2003, they opted instead for a stricter approach. It’s still the company’s name, except it’s written with more mundane letters. Except for a perfectly round ‘o’ and a cross-like ‘t’, they are just simple serif letters with gradually increasing boldness. The final touch is a little dot in a shape of a red circle on the word’s right.

2016 – 2018

Kotex Logo 2016

The Kotex logo is an example of minimalistic approach to design. A wordmark in bold custom typeface and a monochrome color palette — that’s it. But it looks really stylish and sharp.

The letter lines are elegant and at the same time playful, the letter “T” looks a little shy, standing between confident “O” and “E”.

Being place on the packaging, the Kotex logo is usually complemented by a red graphics — a lipstick or a flower, with gives it a fresher and more contemporary look.

The Kotex brand combines design and technology and supports women in their constant striving for femininity. The brand won when moved Kotex out of the sanpro segment, making it more about personal care and joy of being female.

2018 – Today

Kotex Logo
In 2018, they simply repainted the second and the third letters in the previous design red.